Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thirteed: Escape ! !

Sam espcaed from unnr the truck. I see it! Say she did say it, wit her eyes.

COMMANDO ZUK fried the lasors at hur. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT he was SHOUTING do that shoot her do it!!!

Samuas triedf to jum p up a ledger but could not could not grip it for she not had THE POWER crip. DARN WHERE IS IT AT? She frustated ly said out loud...

THE MAP OF COURSE! She hit the smart button and saw a "unknowned" sibnal in Nofair. She needed the missiles ss theouh. COMMANSER ZUK was clozing in fast! Se had to hurry fast!

No fair was hot, but the power grips, Samus got. Samos went to turns but ZUK stud their wi. t a platoob of spave porits. I have y'all now! he chortled! SHOOT

BUT saamus was alreedy on the lege=!~ Too bad, "ZUk", "she said" and the laxors sit all the rochs and the room FELL DOWN on ZUK AND HIS PIRATES.


dedicated to my old GF cum back baby i miss you : (

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Cummandor Suk was angry! e had just ben beetan by samusz 2wice in the row!2 is boss say to him "ZUK YOU MUST BE VICTORYUS OE B FIRED!!!" Zuk new tat "fired" meatn "death" for real, so he got in his think tube 2 think o a plan.............

Satus waf exsited to get a lerret in thee spacemails! UIt sayed to her thus: CONGRATS! YUO HAVE WUN THE GRAND PRISE!!! PLZ come t0 planut Sweptakes to get this prize~~!

Saymus had nevur won a przie before!so she set coarse fortheplanetsaid on the leter....she got therre. !

[note! Its the trick! That is a secret so not do tell!}

Samqz sappily ladned on a serfuce and wuz met tere bye a man with suit and flowurs; hello, lucky winnar! tha'ts what he sad. "Im happy 3 have won, sir!" say smauzus but then the man was COMMANDERZ UK! NOOOOOOO say aamuas as sh fierd her lasors!!!!!

Oh ohhohoh! lawfed ZUK. I got you know, you hopeluss dunce!! he was shooting a palsma kannon neerly strikong SAMUS. Sumus try fight back bu ZUK throw a net to capture samus and it work...



Saturday, March 6, 2010


Amus had this apotded ant. who was getung married. so samus needed to get ready! :D

First a dress for wear samus chose blue t mattch her eyes she ulso got a blendur as wedding gift

flew her ship down to platnet Matrimoni hello aunts and adoptive family! Hello, Samus!

tHE wwedding was so pretty and aunt was happy and everyboyd cried even samus a littl bit. Affter teh service thtwer was the bookay toss. All o the womens linned up to ry to catch the love and guess who cawt it? SAMUS! She was red with embrrasment. everybody go "ooooh"

BUT THEN THERE was a LUGHING and behind the whole parti with a drink and BOWETIE WAS COMMANDER ZUK!

"Ah haha!" he chuckeled "u lt your caugrd down, samus! NowI HAVE YOU" and shot he did thegun but samus thought quicklike and throw bookay flowers into gun shooter hole, blocking ut and makin it EXPLODE

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRF" Screemeched Zuk and he ran away. Everydoyd clapped and hten it ws time to dance!


(dedicated to adoptive family)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#ten ir elvin: Ssamuses cool vacation!! 9dult content)

There was a few dais wehen sAMSU diddent like to fite monsers and and aliens, so shee did go on vacation. SHE LOOKED AT BROSURES TP FINDD a coool plapnet 2 b oon. Planet Hawaii! Looks purfuct to my visions, say Samus.

As she finisshed fliyng tere, it was pretty!!! Oooh, I say, Samus say, it luk relazing...

Sagus lamded hur shipe and ten got a lay on her neck, just like Hwaai! Ohhownice! Snamus changed WARNING ADULT CONENT into a bikikini to be on the beech.. She keep her ray stum gun with er to safe

so the beac wass good, Sasmu forolicked in a sea chaffed seagulls and then tanned pn a towowl/ As tehsun went sinkin unto the sea she had WARMING ADULT CONTENT margherita! :D

Sanus made tiny talk at the bartman but...behind her camet he sound of LAUGHTAR. FOR AT A TABEL wit a drink n a bow tye was COMMANDAR ZUK o the spave pyrits! greetings, : saumus, you look simply...............ravasishing (adult content behind)

ZUK WAS THINKKING TAT HE CAUGT SAMUW UN-ARMED, BUT she fiered frum hur STUM GUM and ZUK GO ARRRGH and smauz fly away in ship

The barmen say "she furgot to pay me, oh well a purty ladi"


(dedicated to vacation)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

#9nine Bookstore Brawl (feat. reading, for educatin)

Sometimes often samus aran the bounty hmunter did get board wen politoting her shipp trew the cosmoz. So then she went to a bokkstore for books@

Store was full f books, Samass had nver seem so manny! "I'm excited!" she exclaimed to herself, where 2 start??

Ass sammaS viewedd the buks, ter came a BOOM bcuz a spice parite plotoon came to detory miss arayn! Itt wuz werin a new kin of armoar tat culdnt be shot by shots oh no! What do to? Ten smausas had 1 idea! She fmoun a book abut minderals and RED IT TO SEE the weaknuss f the armur was wav beem, so off it shot until teh platun was killd.

All "thansk to books adn readin" sayed Sasmus to the children


(dedicated to teachers/)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#8 Samus + the haunted house

Samuus pilloted her ship down tothe surfuce of planat Phamtom. Her smensors were unfunctional and tehere was myst everywere. The plae was scary.

Samus steeped out of her shup and turmed on her X-RAY viscor. actually her termal visiro. And then she asw in the mist a house, big and anceitn.

Samsus slowly kicked opin the creaky door ver y quietlay. The houuse was dusty cobweds. Tables. Chairs stood about the floors; creks and groans. Samuz knew der was evil ther.

SUDDEN there came a noise and Sumas flippped on her X-RAY visors and viewd a ghost! IT RAN AT HER SCREEMING AND YOWLALING YA GA GA GA! Samused fire her laser shoot at the GHOST but no dmage. GHOST used his goast a ttack wich did dmamage to Samus!!

SMUS was week,, but had secret energy tink and revocred n usded teh Holy Watar to dsipel the ghost afrum the house for good!?

Sazmus left the plabney Phantomph to again fly amung teh stars, no afriad of ghosts once and for all1


(deicated to colours)

#& Samus on television (feat. Coman O. Brain)

Samus wuz famous. SO she was going 2to go on TV. Many snows whated her on they're progroms, but Samiz thot Canon O' Brian wuz the funniest, so so she picked him show.

"Welcome to the show tonight, every body!" cheekily said the host O'Brion. "we have a great great great how tonite, it will be funny but also laughn." People laugh at this, host Cohan love it!

"Ddi yor eears receive the news about Mistar Perezident?" Spoke host? "NO" sAY THE people.:: "Yeah, it say he fall down stairs into pool and make it wet. CLUMSY LOAF! HA HA" HA HA people go.

Camen O'Vrian Sat DOWN At His Desk. "Lades and gentlesmen, i want you to clap those hands fer owar fist guest, welcome to SAMUS ARAN!" Crowd went nuts! Samus came out to do flips and shoot her gun to impress people, knoced over a sage light! "That okay, say Cinman the host," we replace it.

Samus sat on the chair. "So what super adventures do you done lately?"He said this in a funny way. "I beat some space pie-rats and also helped detroy a monster" Samus say, doing okay for be-ing a bite nervous"

Just then Conan O'Brain laughed because he turned into A MONSTER. A TRICK! SAmus used her canon to blow him up to save the peopale.

Frome backstage came Mister Conan O'Briean who was okay but kidnapped in polot to kill the Samus! The two hugged and told jokes.


(dedicated to Mister Conan O'Brien, you funny goose)